Alex Pietrangelo tells Blues he will test free agency

“It’s not a fun situation to be in, especially when you’ve been somewhere your whole career, but it is what it is,” Alex Pietrangelo told reporters after being eliminated this summer. “I guess my only thought was just to get home, see my kids and see where the future takes us.”

When he was asked about if he’ll be back in St. Louis next season he said, “I’m not going to answer that. We’ll find out soon.”

Pietrangelo going to test the market

Well soon is now. According to Darren Dreger, Alex Pietrangelo will test the market on October 9th.

The problem for the Blues is simple, they are cap strapped and Pietrangelo is likely to get a deal in the $9 million dollar range. That would be a $2.5 million increase to his current cap hit, which St. Louis doesn’t have.

Another big issue for Alex is his age. At 30, a seven year term is a lot to ask for any NHL team. There’s no doubt that next season he will be worth every penny of that potential $9 million, but that won’t be the case at age 37.

Of course, if he hits the market he can get it. And you can now put the Toronto Maple Leafs as the lead dog to land him.

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Will Alex Pietrangelo leaves the Blues in Free Agency? (NHLI/Getty Images)